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3348 Ridge Park Ct, Long Beach 90804
Sold 20K over list, 3 days on market.  3rd consecutive PRICE RECORD in the complex.
3387 Ridge Park Ct, Long Beach 90804
Sold for 721K.  PRICE RECORD.  19 month LATER another
agent sold for 710K in a rising market.
3952 Denwood Ave, Los Alamitos 90720
Sold 37K (4.4%) above list.  FIXER, 3 days on the market.
801 Pine Ave #209, Long Beach 90813
Sold in 4 days.  4.5% above list (15k above).
3343 Lees Ave, Long Beach 90808
5 days on the market.  Sold for full list $725K.  Cosmetic fIXER.
2569 Maine Ave, Long Beach 90806
Cosmetic fixer, sold in 11 days, 3.5% above list (15K above).
 Sold with a un-cooperative tenant living in the property.
4062 Green Ave, Los Alamitos 90720
7 days on market.  Sold for full list price.
19707 Donna Ave, Cerritos 90703
6 days on market.  Sold for full list price.
1250 E 1st St #6, Long Beach 90802
Sold 1.7% above list.  $558/sf  $/SF PRICE RECORD on the block.
1445 Brett Pl #122, San Pedro 90732
Sold 10K above list – dated unit.
1144 E 70th Wy, Long Beach 90805
Sold 10K above list.  Fixer, 2 units.
72 Bluejay, Irvine CA 92604
Sold 10K above list. Re-listed after another agent failed to sell
for 6 months.  I sold it in 16 days.
597 Hamilton Dr, Corona 92879
Sold 6K above list price.  House is located next to a noisy
traffic street.
2030 Gondar Ave, Long Beach 90815
Re-listed in September, after another agent failed to sell it
during the summer. Sold in October.
1724 E poinsettia St, Long Beach, CA 90805
Sold 5.3% above list price, 9 days on the market.
Property sold with a non-functional water heater, and City code violations.  Seller made no repairs, or any corrections, buyer paid for all repairs to bring to City Code.
725 Coronado Ave #206, Long Beach 90804
Sold in 10 days, 4.4% above list price.
2 bedrooms condo with 1 parking.
1348 W. 168th St, Gradena, CA 90247.
5 days on the market.  Sold over $187,000 over asking price.
2942 Claremore Ln, Los Alamitos, CA 90815
11 days on the market.  Full list price $595,000.
 3254 Ridge Park Ct, Long Beach, CA 90804
5 days on the market. $20K over asking price.
 3333 Ridge Park Ct, Long Beach, CA 90804
3 days on the market. $30K over asking price.
2936 Claremore Lane, Los Alamitos, CA 90815
5 days on the market. $10K above list price. No repairs.
550 Orange Avenue Unit#120, Long Beach, CA 90802
Re-listed after another agent could not sell it for 3 months for $339,900.  Increased the listing price to $340K, Sold for $342K, condo in original conditions.
773 W 8th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731
 2 days on the market.  Listed for $570K, Sold 22.8% above list price. NO seller concessions or repairs.
3224 Ridge Park Court, Long Beach, CA 90804
3 days on the market. Sold 8% above list price.  Cash buyer, represented buyer and seller.  5th Aubry complex PRICE RECORD.
6145 John Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90805
 2 days on the market. Sold 9% above list price.  Highest duplex sale in North Long Beach. No seller concessions. Represented buyer and seller.
3913 N Virginia Road Unit#108, Long Beach, CA 90807
4 days on the market. Sold for 11% above list price.  
1174 E. Ocean Blvd. #4, Long Beach, CA 90802
1 day on the market. Sold for 3% above list price. No appraisal or loan contingency. Original bathroom, no parking, facing noisy Ocean Blvd.